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How Concierge Resolution Services mediation works:

  1. Voluntary: You can leave at any time for any reason, or no reason.
  2. Collaborative: No one can force an outcome, so the parties collaborate to reach decisions and agreement.
  3. Control: The parties decide what happens and any party can veto or suggest changes to any proposal.
  4. Confidential: Mediation is confidential, with a few statutory exceptions that we will explain, so our discussions, notes and documents are not admissible in any subsequent court or other contested proceeding, except for the signed mediated agreement, if that is the parties’ desire.
  5. Informed: The mediation process offers the opportunity to obtain and incorporate legal and other expert information and advice, but decisions belong to the parties and no one else.
  6. Impartial, Neutral, Balanced and Safe: Concierge Resolution Services serves everyone in the room equally, and we do not prefer one party over another. We are “neutral” and our function is to help parties figure out ways to reach agreements in a voluntarily, informed manner that is free from coercion or intimidation.
  7. Self-Responsible and Satisfying: Usually participants find Mediation to be educational and satisfying, although no one leaves a mediation 100% happy. Compared to court options, the certainty of knowing the cost, having a plan, and agreeing on outcome through Mediation is deemed to be of great value.


How do you begin?

The Mediation process begins with a phone call or email from a person involved in the dispute or affected by it. We conduct an “intake” and gather the important basic facts and work with parties to determine who should participate in order to fully address the situation. We then invite all stakeholders to meet together with our mediators beginning with a half-day or full-day session. In addition, Concierge Resolution has relationships with neutral professionals in other fields, including lawyers, financial planners, appraisers, social workers, dementia planners, insurance and real estate brokers, who provide insight and information when the parties agree such services would be useful to support better understanding and facilitate planning for solutions going forward.

Co-Mediation: Why co-mediation? We have determined that in many situations, working collaboratively is extremely effective. Our rates are not higher when two of our mediators work with you and you get the benefit of more than 60+ years of litigation and business experience, and we have the benefit of working together to assure that the process is respectful, practical and uniquely tailored to the needs of the participants.

Rates: We charge $175 per participant for administrative and initial intake fees. Our half-day rate (up to 4 hours) is $2,000 and our full-day rate (up to 8 hours) is $3,800. We also offer an hourly rate for extended sessions or complex intake (with your consent) and we are available on an hourly basis to consult with lawyers as an alternative to mediation. We also offer multiple sessions (for example, 2 hour sessions over 4 days) and give the discounted day rate when those are scheduled and paid for in advance.

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