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Concierge Resolution provides Mediation and Collaborative Services:

About Mediation:

What we can do for you:

Concierge Resolution has a broad-spectrum background in resolving legal disputes, with special emphasis on assisting parties to construct creative and personalized solutions to the unique issues raised in complex, multi-party conflicts.

What is Mediation?

In the simplest of terms, Mediation gives you power to get as close to a “fair” resolution of conflict as possible. In approaching the Mediation process, it is important to remember that “fair” is a subjective concept—it means something different to each participant. Each person brings into the room his or her own expectations and disappointments, hopes and needs, past hurts and future goals.

You tell your story...

In Mediation, each participant has the opportunity to tell his or her story and to be fully heard, and after listening respectfully to the other participants, to decide if there are areas of agreement or compromise that can eventually lead to resolution of the larger problems that made the Mediation necessary. By being an active participant in Mediation, each person is empowered as an integral part in the process that allows them all to move forward and away from conflict and fighting that can otherwise undermine peace of mind and destroy relationships.

In choosing mediation, you choose to participate, and you decide how to resolve your dispute. We facilitate communication and assist participants with negotiation and creative thinking, in a safe, comfortable environment where opportunities to resolve the dispute are optimized.

... And avoid the time and expense and frustration of litigation.

Mediation is a relatively inexpensive way for individuals to take back their power that may have been sapped by the disputes in their lives, and to become a part of the solution. People who have not previously been involved in lawsuits are often shocked at the reality of the costs, financial and personal, associated with litigation. After decades as attorneys litigating on behalf of clients, Joyce and the experienced mediators who are associated with Concierge Resolution have first-hand knowledge of the many costs of litigation, and the value of mediation.

    The costs of litigation include:
  • congested courts, requiring months of waiting before hearings and years before trials
  • the determination of issues critical to litigants’ lives by impersonal strangers (the judge or jury)
  • financial burdens, including tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses, lost days from businesses, work and families, and the break-up or failure of businesses
  • personal burdens, including expenditure of countless hours of frustration, anger, uncertainty and anxiety, and the fracturing of relationships or destruction of families

Virtually every dispute involves a relationship -- whether it’s commercial or personal -- business or family or both, and a feeling of being wronged and wanting justice for that wrong. Mediation is an alternative system that facilitates participants deciding how to resolve their issues.

We work closely with you and your attorneys (if you retained attorneys or are actively litigating) outside the courts, to facilitate a collaborative process and a way forward that you can abide. You control the outcome and can end the dispute or determine strategies to work towards its resolution.

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